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Detectives and Mysteries
10th Anniversary
1st to Die
206 Bones
4.50 from Paddington
4.50 from Paddington
8th Confession
9th Judgement
A Caribbean Mystery
A Caribbean Mystery
A Christmas Railway Mystery
A Clear Conscience
A Clubbable Woman
A Coat of Varnish
A Coat Of Varnish
A Coffin from Hong Kong
A Cold Heart
A Conflict of Interests
A Cotswold Killing
A Cotswold Mystery
A Cotswold Ordeal
A Crook in the Furrow
A Darker Shade of Blue
A Dead Certainty
A Deal in Death
A Death in the Dales
A Dish Served Cold
A doll for the Toff
A Faint Cold Fear
A Fine and Private Place
A Funeral of Gondolas
A Helen West Omnibus: Deep Sleep; Shadow Play; A Clear Conscience
A Long December
A Matter of Record
A Murder is Announced
A Necessary Dealing
A New Lease of Death
A Place of Execution
A Pocket Full of Rye
A Pocket Full of Rye
A Prince for Inspector West
A Question of Blood
A Question of Blood
A Question of Guilt
A Question of Murder
A Scandal in Belgravia
A Sentimental Murder
A Shot in the Dark
A Sleeping Life
A Song for the Dying
A Splash of Red
A Splash of Red
A State of Corruption
A Stranger is Watching
A Stranger is Watching
A Study in Scarlet. The Hound of the Baskervilles
A Surprise for Christmas
A Taste for Death
A Taste for Death
A Taste for Death
A Taste for Death
A Taste for Death
A Timely Death
A Trust Betrayed
A Word After Dying
A Worm of Doubt
Above Suspicion
Above the Law
Acid Row
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
After the Funeral
Against the Evidence
Agatha Raisin Something Borrowed Someone Dead
Almost Night
Almost Perfect Murders
An Obscure Grave
An Unfinished Murder
An Unhallowed Grave
An Urge for Justice
Angelica's Smile
Angels Passing
Another Part Of The City
Antidote to Venom
Appleby's Other Story
As Lonely as the Damned
Ash & Bone
Asylum City
At Bertram's Hotel
At Risk
At Risk
At Risk
August Heat
Autographs in the Rain
Autographs in the Rain
Away with Them to Prison
Bad Men
Beauty and the Beast
Bellman & True
Betrayed in Cornwall
Beyond Recall
Big Town
Bitter Edge
Black as He's Painted
Black As He's Painted
Black Friday
Black Notice
Black Notice
Black Notice
Black Velvet
Blame the Dead
Blind Date
Blood Count
Blood in the Cotswolds
Blood is the Sky
Blood Red Rivers
Blood Red Rivers
Blood Rites
Blood Work
Bloody Britain
Bloody Festival
Blow Fly
Blow Fly
Blow Fly
Blue Lightning
Blue Shoes and Happiness: More from the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (No. 1 La
Bodies From the Library 4
Body in My Arms
Body Language
Body of Opinion
Bold Lies
Book of the Dead
Booked for Murder & Hostage to Murder
Bootlegged Angel
Break and Enter
Break No Bones
Bricks and Mortality
Broken Ground
Broken Harbour
Broken Prey
Brother Cadfael;s Penance
Buried in Cornwall
Caging the Tiger
Call for the Saint
Cards on the Table
Career for the Baron
Careless Love
Carte Blanche
Cat Among the Pigeons
Caught Out in Cornwall
Cause of Death
Cause of Death
Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Choosen Prey
Choosen Prey
Chromosome 6
City of Bones
City of Bones
City of Bones
Close Your Eyes and Sleep My Baby
Code 61
Cold Earth
Cold Flat Junction
Cold in Hand
Common Murder
Conflict of Interest
Cool Repentance
Copper, Gold & Treasure
Corpse Candle
Could You Survive Midsomer?
Cradle and All
Crazy Man Michael
Crime in Lepers Hollow
Crime Incorporated
Crime on My Hands
Crime Time 2.1
Crime Wave
Crime Wave World's Winning Crime Stories 1981
Crimes of Passion
Crimson Snow
Crisis in the Cotswolds
Crooked House
Crooks Crime and Corruption
Cruel and Unusual
Cryptic Clue
Curtain Poirot's Last Case
Daddy's Little Girl
Damaged: The brand new blockbuster from the No. 1 bestselling author
Dance Without Music
Dark Game
Dark Harbour (Scott Finn)
Dark House
Darkness Falls
Darkness Peering
Dead and Buried
Dead at First Sight (15) (Roy Grace)
Dead End
Dead in the Water
Dead Man Walking
Dead Man's Grip
Dead on Departure
Dead Serious
Dead Sky
Dead Tomorrow
Dead Water
Deadly Cross
Deadly Decisions
Deadly Decisions :
Deadly Night-Blade
Deadly Women
Death Among the Dunes
Death and Benedict
Death and the Epicure
Death At The Dolphin
Death at the Table
Death By Fire
Death Casts No Shadow
Death Casts No Shadow
Death Du Jour
Death Has Deep Roots
Death in Cold Print
Death in Harley Street
Death in Holy Orders
Death in Holy Orders
Death in Kenya
Death in the Cotswolds
Death in the Garden
Death in the Wasteland
Death Is A Lonely Business
Death is Now My Neighbour
Death is Now My Neighbour
Death of a Bore
Death of a Busybody
Death of a Cosy Writer
Death of a Dustman
Death of a Ghost
Death of a Good Woman
Death of a Hawker
Death of a Maid
Death of a Minor Character
Death of a Poison Pen
Death of a Racehorse
Death of a Secretary
Death of a Village
Death of an Avid Reader
Death of an Avid Reader
Death of an Innocent
Death of an Old Master
Death of Anton
Death of Yesterday
Death on Remand
Death on the High C's
Death Ship
Death Without Question
Deception in the Cotswolds
Deception on His Mind
Deep Fear
Deja Dead
Deja Dead
Dependence Day
Depraved Heart
Destination Unknown
Detective Stories
Deviant Death
Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires
Devices and Desires
Displaced Person
Divided Treasure
Don't Look Back
Done for a Dime
Doors Open
Double Fault
Double Take
Double Vision
Duplicate Death
Duplicate Death
Dying Fall
Dying to Score
Easy Meat
Easy Prey
Echo Park
Eight Black Horses
Eight Million Ways to Die
Elephants Can Remember
Eleven Days
Eleven Days
Ellery Queen's Crookbook
Encyclopaedia of Modern Murder 1962 - 1982
Endangered Species
Eton Crop
Europe in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1905
Evil in East Anglia
Evil Under the Sun, Death Comes as the End, the Sittaford Mystery
Exit Murderer
Exit Murderer
Exit Music
Exit the Disguiser
Fake Flowers
False Alibi
False Witness
False Witness
Fatal Charm
Fatal Last Words
Fault Line
Fear in the Cotswolds
Fear on the Phantom Special
Field of 13
Figure it Out for Yourself
Final Edition
Final Jeopardy
Find the Lady
First Hit of the Season
First Wicket Down
Firsts Lasts & Onlys Crime
Fleshmarket Close
Flying Under Bridges
Flynn's in
Foolish Ways
For Kicks; Flying Finish
Four Corners of Night
Fourth Attempt
Framed in Cornwall
Fred & Edie
Fred and Edie
Fred and Rose
Fresh Blood
Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
From Potter's Field
Full Dark House
Gallows Thief
Gallows Thief
Game of Mirrors
Garden of Beasts
Gideon's Fog
Gideon's Fog
Gideon's Force
Gideon's Law
Gideon's Press
Gideons Drive
Gideons Month
Girl 4
Girl Missing
Glass Arrows (DCI Greg Geldard)
Going Under
Going Wrong
Going Wrong
Gone Tomorrow
Grandmothers Footsteps
Grave Mistake
Grave Secrets
Grave Secrets
Grave Secrets
Great Cases of Scotland Yard Vol 2
Great Detective Stories
Great Detective Stories
Great Detective Stories
Great Tales of Detection
Guilt in the Cotswolds
Guilty Creatures
Hallowe'en Party
Hang the Little Man
Hard Landing
Harm Done
Harm Done
Hate to Kill
Haunted Ground
He Kills Coppers
Het Kromme Huis
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hidden Depths
Hide The Baron
Holiday Camp Mystery
Holloway Falls
Holy Treasure
Holy Treasure
Hope to Die
Hope Will Answer
Hornet's Nest
Hornets Nest
Horsey Mere
Hot Ice
How the Dead Speak
I Am the Sea
I Follow You
I Would Rather Stay Poor
Ice Lake
Illegal Entry
In a House of Lies
In a True Light
In the Still of the Night
Inclination to Murder
Infamous Murders
Inspector Colbeck's Casebook
Inspector Faro's Casebook - the Second Omnibus
Inspector West Leaves Town
Investigating Murder
Invitation to Death
Isle of Dogs
Jail Bait
Jolie Blon's Bounce
Judas Child
Kill and Be Damned
Kill Me
Killed in Cornwall
Killer Smile
Kissing Arizona
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
L.A Confidential
Ladies in Crime
Lady Killers
Lady Killers
Land of the Blind
Land of the Blind
Last Rights
Late Knights
Lazy Bones
Lead Him to Death
Left You Dead
Legal Tender
Light Touch
Little Doubt
Little Gregory
Long Gore Hall
Long Time Coming
Look Three Ways at Murder
Maid of the Mist
Maigret and the Millionaires & Maigret and the Gangsters
Maigret and the Youg Girl; Danger Ahead
Maigret and the Young Girl & Danger Ahead
Maked to the Hangman
Malice in the Cotswolds
Many Rivers to Cross
Marked to Die
Master of the Moor
Maura's Game
Maura's game
Maxwell's Reunion
Mayhem in Parva
McLean Solves It
Meet the Picaroon
Middle Of Nowhere
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
Missing Daisy
Mission Flats
More Deaths For Sergeant Cluff
More Murders of the Black Museum 1835 - 1985
More Twisted
Most Deadly Hate
Most Deadly Hate
Most Grievous Murder
Mrs McGinty's Dead; They Do it With Mirrors
Mrs mcGinty's Dead; They Do it with Mirrors
Mud Muck and Dead Things
Muderous Derbyshire
Muderous Women
Murder and the Wanton Bride
Murder at Sundown
Murder at the Masque
Murder at the Ministry
Murder at the Rose
Murder by Milk Bottle
Murder by the Book
Murder Calling
Murder Goes to the World's Fair
Murder House
Murder in an Irish Churchyard: An addictive cosy village mystery: 3 (An Irish Vi
Murder in an Irish Cottage
Murder in an Irish Pub
Murder in an Irish Village: A gripping cosy village mystery: 1 (An Irish Village
Murder in High Places
Murder in the Air
Murder in the English Department
Murder in the Maze
Murder Invited
Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Strange
Murder Needs a Name
Murder on a Summer's Day
Murder on a Summer's Day
Murder on Capitol Hill
Murder on Largo Island
Murder on Orient Express
Murder on Orient Express
Murder on the Brighton Express
Murder on the Brighton Express
Murder on the Christmas Express
Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on Trial
Murder Underground
Murder Without Icing
Murder, London - Australia
Murderer's Maze
Murderous Places
Murderous Women
Murders in Sequence
Murders That Shocked the World - 70s
My Best Friend
My Best Friend
My Brother's Killer
Mystery in the Channel
Next Door to Murder
Nick of the River
Night and Day
Night's Black Agents
Nightmare City
No Flowers, By Request
No Laughing Matter
No Time for Goodbye
Nobody Lives Forever
Nobody's Supposed to Murder the Butler
Nor Live So Long
North Of Nowhere
Not Dead Yet
Nurse Dawes is Dead
Nurse Dawes is Dead
Off with His Head
On Beulah Height
One Good Turn
One Summer
Operation Snatch
Ordeal By Innocence. Cat Among the Pigeons
Original Sin
Original Sin
Original Sin
Original Sin
Original Sin
Original Sin
Out of the Sun
Over the Edge
P is for Peril
Paradise City
Parker Pyne Investigates
Passenger to Frankfurt
Past Regret
Peckover Holds the Baby
Pel Among the Pueblos
Pel and the Promised Land
Penny Post
Perhaps She'll Die
Peril on the Royal Train
Piece of My Heart
Pleading Guilty
Pleading Guilty
Pleading Guilty
Plotted in Cornwall
Poison is Queen
Pop Goes the Weasel
Portrait of a Killer
Portrait of a Killer
Portrait of a Murderer
Postcard Killers
Postcard Killers
Postern of Fate
Posthumous Papers
Prayers For Rain
Presence of Mind
Private Berlin
Promise to Kill
Puzzle for Inspector West
Q Is For Quarry
Quake City
Quick Curtain
Rack Ruin and Murder
Railway to the Grave
Railway to the Grave
Raven Black
Recipe for Death
Red Bones
Regina's Song
Report for Murder
Rescue From the Rose
Resurrection Men
Revenge in the Cotswolds
Riding High
Road Rage
Roadside Crosses
Rooted in Evil
Rosa's Dilemma
Roses are Red
Roses are Red
Rough Cider
Rounding the Mark
Rumpole a La Carte
Rumpole a La Carte
Run for Home
Runner in the Dark
Safer Dead
Scales of Justice
Scapel/Cold Steel
Scardy Cat
Scene of Crime
Scotland Yard Photo Crimes
Screen Savers
Secret Places
Secret Smile
See How They Run
Sergeant Cluff Laughs Last
Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm
Serial Killers
Settled Out of Court & Alibi for a Judge
Shadow on the Wall
Shadows in the Cotswolds
Shame the Devil
Shark Music
She Didn't Like Dying
Sheep Grass
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes and the Four Kings of Sweden
Sherlock Holmes Four Great Novels
Sherlock Holmes Four Great Novels
Sherlock Holmes Stories
Sherlock Holmes's Greatest Cases
Shock Treatment
Short Circuit
Shut Your Eyes Tight
Signal for Vengeance
Silent Joe
Silent Nights
Single & Single
Sinner Takes All
Six Foot Under
Skin Privilege
Slaughter in the Cotswolds
Slaughter in the Sapperton Tunnel
Sleep and His Brother
Sleep No More
Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Murder
Smoke Detector
Smooth Justice
Snapped in Cornwall
Snow Falling on Cedars
Snow White And Red Rose
So Young to Burn
Someone Else's Skin
Southern Cross
Southern Cross
Speak No Evil
Splinter the Silence
Standing in Another Man's Grave
Started Early Took My Dog
State Secrets
Still Life
Still Water
Stolen Angels
Storm Crow
Storm Force
Stranger in Paradise
Streets on Fire
Surfeit of Suspects
Taken at the Flood; Cards on the Table; the Crooked House
Tango One
Tea on Sunday
Tears of the Giraffe
Tears of the Giraffe
The 100,000 Welcomes
The 12:30 from Croydon
The 13th Hour
The 6th Target
The Abortionist's Daughter
The Abortionist's Daughter
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Alington Inheritance
The Alington Inheritence
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
The Babes in the Wood
The Baron - Kingmaker
The Baron goes East
The Bastard
The Best of Father Brown
The Big Four
The Big Thaw
The Bilbao Looking Glass
The Biter Bit and Other Stories
The Black Angel
The Black Angel
The Black Ice Score
The Blindness of Sergeant Cluff
The Blood Of An Englishman
The Blue Eyed Boy
The Blue Nowhere
The Bodies Left Behind
The Bodies Left Behind
The Body Farm
The Body in the Dumb River
The Body on the train
The Bogus Buddha
The Bone Bed
The Bone Vault
The Brass Verdict
The Breaker
The Breaker
The Brethren
The Brethren
The Broken Window
The Burning Girl
The Burning Room
The Burning Wire
The Camargue Botherhood
The Case of the Backward Mule
The Case of the Backward Mule
The Case of the Borrowed Brunette
The Case of the Careless Cupid
The Case of the Fabulous Fake
The Case of the Innocent Victims
The Case of the Long Legged Models
The Case of the Reluctant Model
The Case of the Reluctant Model
The Case of the Screaming Woman
The Cavalier Case
The Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes
The Charing Cross Mystery
The Chelsea Murders
The Christmas Bomber
The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories
The Circle of Death
The Clocks; After the Funeral
The Closers
The Co-op Kill
The Cold Moon
The Colombian Mule
The Colour of Murder
The Complaints
The Complete Jack the Ripper
The Complete Jack the Ripper
The Confession
The Copper Peacock and Other Stories
The Crime Haters
The Crocodile Bird
The Cruise
The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams
The Dagger in the Crown
The Dance of the Seagull
The Darkest Evening
The Darkest Evening
The Dead of Jericho, Service of All the Dead & the Silent World of Nicholas Quin
The Dead Place
The Dead Sit Round in a Ring
The Devil in Music
The Devil Man
The Devil's Feather
The Devil's Teardrop
The Devil's Teardrop
The Devils Engineering
The Diary of Jack the Ripper
The Diary of Jack the Ripper
The Documents in the Case
The Drop
The Drop
The Drowning Mark
The Echo Man
The Eighth Day
The Eleventh Little Nigger
The Emperor of Ocean Park
The Encyclopedia of Mass Murder
The Excursion Train
The Excursion Train
The Eye of Abu
The Fall of the Sparrow
The Falls
The Family
The Female of the Species
The Firm
The First Scarpetta Collection: Postmortem and Body of Evidence
The Foot of the Walk Murders
The Fourth Agatha Christie Companion; the Body in the Library; the Moving Finger
The Franchise Affair
The Front
The Gallows Garden
The Getaway
The Giant Book of Murder
The Giant Book of Private Eye Stories
The Giant Book of True Crime
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest
The Girl Who Married a Lion
The Girl with Red Suspenders
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Goatfell Murder
The Good Daughter
The Great British Bobby
The Great Train Robbery
The Green Ribbon
The Greenway
The Hanged Man
The Hard Way
The Hidden Staircase
The Hobbema Prospect
The Holiday
The Honey Ant
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Hour of the Wolf
The Hunter and the Trapped
The Ice Axe Murders
The Impossible Dead
The Incredulity of Father Brown
The Iron Horse
The Janus Man
The Jewel That Was Ours
The Jewel That Was Ours
The Jigsaw Murders
The Jugger
The Jump
The Jury
The Kalahari Typing School for Men
The Keys to the Street
The Killing Doll
The Killing Hour
The Killing Man
The Killing Man
The Know
The Krays Unfinished Business
The Ladies of the Vale
The Last Best Hope
The Last Darkness
The Last Days of Newgate
The Last Days of Newgate
The Last Hero
The Last Precinct
The Last Precinct
The Last Precinct
The Last Precinct
The Last Sentence
The Late Bill Smith
The Laughing Policeman
The Law's Delay
The Ledger
The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
The Lively Dead
The Living Legend
The Lodger. The Arrest & Escape of Jack the Ripper
The Long Ride
The Lost Luggage Porter
The Lure of Sweet Death
The Man That Got Away
The Man Who Died Twice
The Man Who Hated Telivision and Other Stories
The Man With No Face
The Marlow Murder Club
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The Mephisto Club
The Methods of Sergeant Cluff
The Missing and the Dead
The Motive Not the Deed
The Moving Toyshop
The Moving Toyshop
The Mugger
The Murder at the Vicarage
The Murder at the Vicarage. The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
The Murder on the Links
The Murders Of Richard III
The Mystery Guild Anthology
The Mystery of Cabin Island
The Night of the Feathered Serpent
The No. 1 ladies' Detective Agency
The No. 1 ladies' Detective Agency
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency
The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
The Partner; The Runnaway Jury
The Patience of the Spider
The Pelican Brief
The Penguin Complete Father Brown
The Penny Ferry
The Picasso Scam
The Playboy Book of Crime and Suspense
The Pleasures of Murder
The Pleasures of Murder
The Port of London Murders
The Potter's Field
The Potter's Field
The Potter's Field
The Price of Failure
The Price of Love
The Prophet of Fire
The Quest of the Bellamy Jewels
The Quest of the Missing Map
The Quiet Fear
The Quiet Game
The Railway Detective
The Railway Detective
The Railway Viaduct
The Railway Viaduct
The Rain Maker
The Rain Maker
The Red Room
The Remorseful Day
The Restless Hands
The Reversal
The Right to Silence
The Right to Silence
The Ripper secret
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
The Riverside Villas Murder
The Rose Medallion
The Rottweiler
The Royal Box
The Royal Box
The Ruth Rendell Mysteries
The Scarecrow
The Scarlet Letters
The Scarpetta Factor
The Scent of the Night
The School Library Mystery
The Scotland Yard Files
The Second Inspector Thanet Omnibus
The Second Rumpole Omnibus
The Second Wexford Omnibus
The Seeds of Murder
The Sequins Lost Their Lustre
The Serial Killers
The Seven Per Cent Solution
The Seven Razors of Ockam
The Sex Killers
The Shape of Water
The Shout
The Silver Locomotive Mystery
The Silver Locomotive Mystery
The Sleeping Doll
The Smog
The Smog
The Snack Thief
The Sniper
The Spider-Orchid
The Steam Pig
The Stone Monkey
The Stone Monkey
The Street Lawer
The Stretch
The Summer of the Danes
The Summer of the Danes
The Summons