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A Call for the Doctor
A Dawn of Splendour
A Delivery of Furies
A Fever in the Blood
A Hooded Crow
A Man Around the House
A Pig in a Passage
A Presence in an Empty Room
A Rose for Every Month
A Wise Child
Affairs of the Heart
After Rain
After the Fire
After Tobo
Ambridge Summer
Beloved Intruder
Bent Man
Beth and the Barbarian
Blood of Your Sisters
Blood on the Wind
Brittany's Castle
Cameron's Convoy
Capers in My Kirk
Captain Justice
Chalkhill Blue
Charing Cross
Charmed Circle
Copper Rose
Disco in Spain
Dixie's Demon
Double Deception
Drastic Measures
Dreaming of Tomorrow
False Echoes
Far Flies the Eagle
Finch's Fortune
Flanders: The Poppy Chronicles Ll
Flight from Love
Footsteps In The Night
Golden Soak
Green Grows the Vine
Gurney's Reward
High Stand
Hills of My Heart
Honour Thy Father
Island of Dreams
It Wasn't Love
Kennedy for the Defense
King Solomon's Carpet
King's Folly
Lawless Range
Learning to Love
Lilley & Chase
Lily's Journey
Lost Lady
Love Grants No Choice
Luke Sutton Indian Fighter
Midsummer Morning
Moonlight Becomes You
My Kate
Never Stand Alone
Night of the Condor
No Place Too Far
No Price Too High
No Yesterdays
Nora Was a Nurse
Not the Marrying Kind
Nurse in the Sun
Obstetrical Nurse
Our Best Years
Paid in Full
Person Unknown
Princess in Waiting
Prodigal Father
Quest in the Sun
Relative Strangers
Renny's Daughter
Restless Town
Rose Royale
Savage Obsession
Secrets from the Past
Sitting Duck
Strife Beyond Tamar
Such a Nice Girl!
Sullivan's Sting
Summer of the Flamingos
The Beautiful Golden Frame
The Bellmakers
The Bridesmaid
The Bright One
The Craigdarroch Girl
The Crypto Man
The Day Fort Larking Fell
The Deadly Orbit Mission
The Engagement is Announced
The Gathering Wolves
The Gillyvors
The Hellion Bride
The Idle Hill of Summer
The Invisible Man
The Jewels of Terror
The Kings Bounty
The Kiowa Plains
The Last Summer
The Line Crosser
The Lord and Mary Ann
The Mask of the Enchantress
The Master of Jalna
The Medicine Bow
The Money Men
The Obsession
The Penultimate Chance Saloon
The Perfect Sinner
The Piper of Laide
The Piper's Tune
The Poellenberg Inheritance
The Seventh Man
The Silver Leopard
The Sound of Voices
The Vaaldorp Diamond
The Valhalla Exchange
The Vines of Yarrabee
The Whiteoak Brothers
The Wingless Bird
The Wolf's Promise
This Bright Mantle
Three Weeks in Eden
Tree of Paradise
Two Timing Man
Under the Cloud Soft-sky
Velvet Rose
Wakefield's Course
Web of Deceit
When Love Was Like That
When the Apricots Bloom
When the Summer People Have Gone
Whiplash and Bloodrun
Whiteoak Harvest
Willow Harvest
Without Your Love
Wyndham's Wife