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'45 the Final Drive from the Rhine to the Baltic
.300 Vickers MacHine Gun
70 True Stories of the Second World War
73 North
A Bridge Too Far
A Call to Arms
A Close Run Thing
A Close Run Thing
A Close Run Thing
A Funny Place To hold a War
A History of Royal Air Force Sealand
A History of the Regiments & Uniform of the British Army
A Regimental Affair
A Ship Must Die
A Short History of the Second World War
A Tall Ship
A Very Murdering Battle (Caption Rawson)
Aces and Aircraft of World War I
Air Forces of the World
Air Raid the Enemy Air Offensive Against East Aglia 1939-45
Airborne at War
All of One Company
All Our Yesterdays
All Quiet on the Western Front
All Quiet on the Western Front
An Act of Courage
An Act of Courage
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the 20th Century
Artic Convoy
Artillery, Missiles & Military Transport of the 20th Century
Atlantic Encounter
Badges and Battle Honours of HM Ships
Band of Brothers
Battle Dress
Battle Dress
Battle for the Fiords
Battle Hymn
Battle of Britain: The Hardest Day 18 August 1940
Battle-line Narratives 1915 - 1918
Battles in Britain 1066 - 1746
Blitzkrrieg 1940
Boldness be My Friend
Boldness be My Friend
Boldness be My Friend
Bomber Offensive
Bombers' Battle
Britain's Glorious Navy
Britannia Rules
British Aircraft of World War II
British Isles Airfield Guide
British Warship Designs Since 1906
Cameron's Crossing
Captain Harnblower R.N
Channel Islands Occupied
Charlotte Gray
Churchill's Secret Weapons
Combat Fleets of the World 1982/83
Combat Picture Annual 1962
Combat Weapons
Company of Spears
D - Day Operation Overlord from Its Planning to the Liberation of Paris
D Day
D-Day to Berlin
Das Boot The Boat
Dawn of D-Day
Devils, Not Men
Dieppe at Dawn
Douglas's Tale of the Peninsula & Waterloo 1808-1815
Drums of War (Captain Rawson)
Eagle's Blood
Elite Units of the Third Reich
Enemy at the Gates
Enemy in Sight
Enemy in Sight!
Epic Stories of the Second World War
Epic Stories of the Second World War
Escape or Die
Escape Stories
Escape Stories
European Air Arms 2001
Exit Wound
Fall of the Philippines
Famous Names in Warfare
Farewell Campo 12
Fight to Win
Fighter Pilot
Fighting Skills of the SAS and Special Forces
Figures in a Landscape
Fire and Sword (Captain Rawson)
Flight Of Eagles
Force 10 From Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone
Forgotten Voices of the Second World War
Fortune is My Enemy
Fortunes of War U-boat Aces
German Airborne Troops
Ghost Force
Great Campaigns of World War II
Great Military Blunders
Great Regiments
Great War Stories
Great War Stories
Great War Stories
Great War Stories
Great War Stories: The Colditz Story; the Bridge on the River Kwai; the Battle o
Great World War 2 Air Stories
Great World War 2 Air Stories
Great World War II Air Stories
Green Beach
H M S Ulysses
Heroes of the SAS
His Majesty's Bark Endeavour
History of the Royal Navy
History Of The Royal Navy
History of the Second World War
History of the Second World War
History of the Second World War Magazine Complete 8 Volumes
Hitler the Survival Myth
Hitler The Victory that nearly was
Hitler's Fortress Islands
Hitler's Greatest Defeat
Home From The War
Home from the War
Hornblower and the Atropos
Hussars of the Napleonic Wars
Illustrated History of the American Civil War
Illustrated History of World War II
Immediate Action
In Danger's Hour
In Danger's Hour
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942
Instructions for British Servicemen in France 1944
Iron Fist
Island Madness
Japenese High Seas Fleet
Jump for it
Jutland the German Perspective
Kilo Class
Kommando German Special Forces of World War Two
Land of Fire
Last Night Another Soldier
Last Post
Liberation Day
Lieutenant Fury
Lord Hornblower
Luciano's Luck
Man of War
Massacre at Metz
Military Airfields of Western Europe
Military Anecdotes
Military Errors of World War Two
Military Uniforms in Colour
Modelling Military Vehicles
Modern Naval Power 1986
Modern Reconnaissance Aircraft
Monty the Man Behind the Legend
Mosquito Typhoon Tempest at War
Mosquito Victory
Mosquito Wooden Wonder
Mr Midshipman Hornblower
Mr Standfast
Mutiny in Force X
My Diary of the Vercors
Napoleon and the Archduke Charles
Naval Warfare an Illustrated History
Night of the Fox
Night of the Fox
Normandy Bridgehead
One Night in June
One of our Submarines
One of our Submarines
Operation Mincemeat
Panzer Patrol
Paris Underground
Pictorial History of the Rifle
Popski's Private Army
Prisoner in Japan
Prisoners' Bluff
RAF Tornado Units of Gulf War 1
Raiders: Elite Forces Attacks
Reach for the Sky
Retreat To The Reich
Return to Cassino
Rommel's War in Africa
Rorke's Drift
Royal Navy Handbook
Rumours of War
Sabotage and Subversion
SAS in Action
SAS in Action
Secret War
Secrets and Stories of the War Volume 2
Send Him Victorious
Shadow of the Wolf
Shadows of World War ll
Sharpe's Triumph
Silent Heroes
Singapore and After
Sink the Belgrano
Six Armies in Normandy
Sixty Minutes For St George
Sniper One: The Blistering True Story Of A British Battle Group Under Siege
South By Java Head
Storm Warming
Strike From the Sea
Swastika in the Air
T34 Russian Armour
Tales for the Marines
Tales of a Great Escaper
Tank Tracks
Target Basra
Thanks for the Memory
The Admiralty Regets.
The Air War in the West Sept 1939 - May 1941
The Almanac of World War II
The Australians in Nine Wars
The Blue Noon
The Cavalry
The Charge
The Commodore
The Cruel Sea
The Dam Busters
The Dambusters Raid
The Day Before Sunrise
The Eagle's Fortress
The Edge of the Sword
The Edge of the Sword
The Encyclopedia Of Miltary Modelling
The Encyclopedia of Sea Warfare
The Encyclopedia of World Military Power
The Falklands War
The Fall of Crete
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World
The First Great Air War
The First World War
The Flag Captain
The Fort
The Fountain
The Franciscan of Bourges
The galleons' Grave
The Giant Book Of War Stories
The Giant Book of War Stories
The Grand Admiral
The Great Escape
The Guinness Book of Tank Facts and Feats
The Guinness History of Land Warfare
The Guns of Navarone
The Guns of Navarone
The Guns of Navarone
The Guns of Navarone. Force 10 from Navarone. When Eight Bells Toll
The Illustrated Directory of Warships
The Illustrated London News Marching to War 1933 - 1939
The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme
The Iron Pirate; H.M.S Saracen
The Iron Pirate; In Dangers Hour; Killing Ground
The Kill Zone
The Last Hours Before Dawn
The Last Hours Before Dawn
The Little Ships
The Making of a Para
The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes - the Story of George Scovell
The Man Who Missed the War
The Meaning of Treason
The Men Who Bombed the Reich
The Metal Fighting Ship
The Mountain Eagles
The Murder of Rudolf Hess
The Naked Sun
The Navy 1939 to Present Day
The Nizam's Daughters
The Order of the Death's Head
The Order of the SS
The Paras
The Penetrators
The People's History of the Second World War September 1939 to December 1940
The Pride and the Anguish
The Rambling Soldier
The Rape of the Netherlands
The Ravens
The Red Beret
The Right Kind of War
The Rock
The Royal Air Force Pocket Guide 1994/95
The Sabre's Edge
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
The Sea Shall Not Have Them
The Second World War Vol 2 - Thier Finest Hour
The Second Year of War in Pictures
The Secret War
The Shark Mutiny
The Ship
The Ship
The Siege
The Six Eighty First Comes Back
The Six Eighty First Comes Back
The Sixth of June
The Spitfire Pocket Manual
The Story of Air Fighting
The Thirteenth Hour
The Trap
The Tunnel
The U-Boat Peril
The Vicksburg Campaign
The Villa the Lake the Meeting
The Vintage Book of War Stories
The Volunteer: The True Story of the Resistance Hero who Infiltrated Auschwitz
The War in Pictures First Year
The War in Pictures First Year
The Way Back
The Way Back
The Wind Off the Sea
The Wonder Book of the Navy
The Wooden Horse
The Wooden Horse
The Wooden Horse
The Wordsworth of First World War Poetry
The World at Arms
The World at War
The World's Bombers
The World's Great Submarines
They Called it Passchendaele
Think Like a Bird
To Catch A King
To Catch a King
To Catch a King
To Risk Unknown
Top Guns
Tornado Down
Torpedo Run
Tramp in Armour
Trench Talk
True Stories from the SAS and Elite Forces
Twelve Seconds to Live
Two Hours to Darkness
U Boat
U Boat Ace the Story of Wolfgang Luth
Under an English Heaven
Under Enemy Colours
Under Siege (Captain Rawson)
Untill the Colours Fade
Upon Dark Waters
VE Day Victory in Europe 1945
Victory in Eurorope
Villa Minosa
Von Ryan's Return
Waffen SS
Waffen SS
War and Grace
War in the Desert
War in the Deterrent Age
War Stories
War Today
Warlord for Boys 1977
We Die Alone
We Too Can Die
Weapons of War
Wellington Mainstay of Bomber Command
When Eight Bells Toll
When Eight Bells Toll
When Tigers Fly
Who Dares Wins
Wild Blue
Wingate's Raiders
Wingless Victory
Wingless Victory
World Famous War Heros
World War 2
World War II
World War II
World War II Day By Day
Wyatt's Hurricane
Zero Hour