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101 Poems to Help You Understand Men (and women)
A Book Of Bosh
A Book of Modern Verse
A Book of Swedish Verse
A Child's Garden of Verses
A Child's Garden of Verses
A Choice of Songs
A Cyclopaedia of Sacred Poetical Quotations
A Girls Book of Verse
A Pizza the Size of the Sun
A Stack of Story Poems
Agnes Grey & Poems
An Anthology of English Verse for Senior Schools Book 1
An Anthology of Modern Verse
An Anthology of Modern Verse
Arthur's Poetry Problem
August Autumn
Beastly Tales
Bees in Amber
Bees in Amber
Bees in Amber
Between Earth and Sky
Byron Satircal and Critical Poems
Celebrations Of The Heart
Christian Poetry Collection
Collected Poems
Collected Poems
Collected Rhymes & Verses
Collected Verse of Robert Service Volume Two
Collected Verse Volume One
Come Hither Volume l
Come Hither Volume ll
Complete English Poems of Education Areopagitica
Crossword Poems Volume 1
Cupid's Arrow
Darwin Survivor
Donne Poetical Works
Early in the Morning
Echoes In My Mind
Eight to Eighty
Favourite Love Poems
Favourite Poems
Favourite Poems
Favourite verse
For Your Delight
Forbidden Verse
From Darkness to Light
From The Prelude
Gargling with Jelly
Gargling with Jelly
Global Haiku
Goldsmiths Choice Works - Vicar of Wakefield
Heard it in the Playground
Hoping for a Hoopoe
Hurricanes of Love
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
I'll Tell You a Tale
I'm Telling on You
In This Life
Island of the Children
John Betjeman's Collected Poems
John Betjemans Collected Poems
Just a Saying
Just a Saying
Keats and His Poetry
Keats Poems Published in 1820
Keats Poems Published in 1820
Laughter Lines
Lines on Life and Love
Lines on Life and Love
Little Masterpieces Alfred Lord Tennyson
Little Masterpieces American Poets
Little Masterpieces Henry W Longfellow
Little Masterpieces James Russell Lowell
Little Masterpieces John Greenleaf Whittier
Little Masterpieces John Keats & Pecy Bysshe Shelley
Little Masterpieces Lord Byron
Little Masterpieces Matthew Arnold & Samuel T Coleridge
Little Masterpieces Robert Browning & Elizabeth B Browning
Little Masterpieces Robert Burns
Little Masterpieces Sir Walter Scott & Lord Macaulay
Longfellow's Poetical Works
My Heart's in the Highlands
National Anthology of Student Poetry
Now We Are Sixty
One Hundred Favourite Humorous Poems
Opening Lines Poetry Past and Present 2003 - 2008
Paradise Regained and Other Poems
Please Mrs Butler
Poems & Places
Poems & Prose
Poems and Plays Volume Two 1844-1864
Poems for Over 10 Year Olds
Poems of Christina Rosetti
Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier
Poems of Today
Poems of Today Third Series
Poems with Attitude Uncensored
Poetical Works
Poetry & Prose
Poetry & Prose
Poetry for Cats
Poetry Introduction 8
Poetry of the Thirties
Poetry Please
Poetry Speaking for Children Part Iii Senior Work
Poets of the English Language Volume 3 Milton to Goldsmith
Poets of the English Language Volume 4 Blake to Poe
Prose & Poetry
Prose at Present
Read Me and Laugh
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
Ridiculous Relatives
Robert Bridges Poet Laureate
Salute the Soldier Poets Volume 2
Scott's Narrative Poetry
Season's Purity
Secret Files
Selected Poems
Selected Poems
Selected Poems
Selected Poems
Selected Shorter Poems
Selections from Keats
Selections from Modern Poetry
Selections from the Poems of
Selections From the Poems of
So Shall Ye Reap
Some More of Me Poetry
Some of Me Poetry
Some of Me Poetry
Some of Me Poetry
Some of Me Poetry
Spooky Poems
Summoned By Bells
Tennyson Select Poems
The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke
The Complete Poems
The Dust Behind The Door
The English Poets in Pictures Bryon
The Faber Book of 20th Century Verse
The Fireside Book 1992
The Golden Treasury
The Golden Treasury
The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
The Irrelevant Song
The Luck of the Roaring Camp Californian Tales & Poems
The Nation's Favourite Love Poems
The Nation's Favourite Poems
The Nation's Favourite Poems
The Nations Favourite Comic Poems
The Nations Favourite Poems
The New Dragon Book of Verse
The New Oxford Book of English Verse
The Oxford Book of Children's Verse
The Oxford Book of Modern Verse 1892 - 1935
The Oxford Book of Short Poems
The Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Poet's Tongue
The Poetical Works of J G Whittier
The Poetical Works of John Milton
The Poetical Works of John Milton
The Poetical Works of Longfello
The Poetical Works of Robert Burns
The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell
The Puffin Book of Twentieth-Centry Children's Verse
The Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
The Sea Around Me the Hills Above
The Unravished Answer and Other Poems
The War Poets an Anthology
The Works of Alex Pope Volume III
The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Works of The Earl of Rochester
The Works of W B Yeats
The Works Selected Poems
This England's Book of Parlour Poetry
Tranquil Moments
Windmill Book of Poetry
With These Hands
Wordsworth Poetry & Prose
Wordsworth Poetry and Prose
York Notes on Selected Poems