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Biker Mice from Mars Annual 1995
Boys Own Annual 1976
Bravestarr Annual 1988
Bubble and Squeek Annual
Buster Book 1983
Captain Beaky Annual 1981
Centurions PowerXtreme Annual 1987
Collins Boys Annual
Collins Girls Annual
Cub Scout Annual 1990
Daily Mirror Book for Boys 1972
Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct 2040 Official Annual
Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct 2040 Official Annual
Girls' Favourite Annual 1971
Hulk Annual
Jason Donovan Special
Judy for Girls 1979
Kevin Keegan's Soccer Annual 1978
Look In How Annual
Magpie Annual -2
News of the World Football and Sports Annual 1972
Princess Tina Pony Book 1974
Private Eye Annual 2018
Roy of the Rovers Football Champions 1990
Shoot Soccer Quiz Book 1976
Shoot Soccer Quiz Book 1983
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Annual
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Annual
Tell Me Why Annual 1974
The 75th Rupert Annual
The Beano Book 1989
The Beano Book 1991
The Bimbo Book 1981
The Bimbo Book 1982
The Cub Scout Annual 1973
The Girl Guide Annual 1974
The Look and Learn Book 1975
The Official Annual Jurassic Park
The Official Brownie Annual 1995
The Official Casper Annual
The Pony Club Annual
The Pop Icons Take That Annual 2012
The Real Ghostbusters Annual 1991
The Sixer Annual 1978
The Topper Book 1984
The Topper Book 1992
The World of Showjumping Annual 1978
Twinkle 1995
World of Knowledge Annual 1982
World of Sport Annual